21st Century talent/corporate development

2020 was a wake-up call for all of us to challenge many inequities, including the inefficient development of our leadership potential and management/talent pipelines.

We recognise that ‘challenging this status quo’ requires a deep desire to build a learning culture/organisation, immense courage, and an exponential mindset.

To support you with this, we have simplified our approach to:

  • Co-creating uncluttered impactful learning programmes with the best independent minds.
  • Applying evidence-based approach to organisational learning while vigorously challenging the development of small exclusive cohorts and expecting a ‘trickle down/cascade’ effect.

Our inclusive approach to delivering practical organisational leadership development journeys include live nuggets of world-class content, experiential learning and high-impact personalised coaching, etc. …  oh, and it is not just for the top few!

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We do not compete, we collaborate

No-one learning/education institution has a monopoly of the best faculty or education. Each one is exceptional in its own way.

Our ecosystem focuses on avoiding old-fashioned competition, by delivering clean impactful solutions while actively applying proven leadership principles, that include:

  • Meaningful collaboration – with globally renowned independent faculty, educators, coaches, EdTech partners and leading educational establishments
  • Power of networks – by building an ecosystem of leading experts who in turn have their own networks, giving us breadth and fresh perspectives to unlock value.
  • Focus on people – without the distractions e.g., shiniest technologies, legacy systems, systemic bias etc.

ExecEdHub’s ambition is to build enlightened organisations and societies, by distributing world-class learning across the whole population mirroring these leadership principles (above).

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We are in the process of curating a one of a kind ‘hub’  where independent thinkers, buyers, facilitators, &, learners, come together to inspire others, ignite ideas, learn from each other, share provocative thoughts and publish content.

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