Our diverse community of highly skilled facilitators have inspired managers and executives globally.

High impact coaching complement our programmes, to have a meaningful impact beyond the training room.
(Note: these are a few members of our growing community)

Annabel Harper
  • Award winning Author: Shujaa’ah: Bold Leadership for Women of the Middle East.
  • Diversity & Inclusion in Business and Leadership.
  • Executive and Leadership Coach globally.
  • Associated with London Business School, Insead among others.
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Rahul Dhadphale
  • Founder of execedhub.com.
  • Global Leadership Educator and Facilitator.
  • Associated with London Business School, Imperial College London, Duke CE among others.
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Kush Shukla
  • Recognised Leadership Development Educator and Facilitator.
  • Executive and Leadership Coach globally.
  • Runs his own successful Development Practice and associated with other leading development organisations.
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Adam Kingl
  • Globally recognised expert and best-selling author: Next Generation Leadership, How to ensure young talent will thrive with your organisation.
  • Leadership Educator and Facilitator globally.
  • Recognised expert in; Management Innovation, Purpose, Creativity, Storytelling.
  • Associated with London Business School, Imperial College, Duke CE, Hult Business Schools.
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Richard Watson
  • Author of five best-selling books, including Digital Versus Human (2016), Future Vision: Scenarios for the World in 2040 (2013), The Future: 50 Ideas you Really Need to Know (2012), and Future Files: A Brief History of the Next 50 Years (2007).
  • Best known as a maker of roadmaps intended to stimulate conversation. The Financial Times called these “Brave”, while Business Insider said they might “Blow your mind”.
  • Currently Futurist-in-Residence at the Entrepreneurship Centre at the Judge School at Cambridge University. Previously worked with the Technology Foresight Practice at Imperial College London.
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Peter Danby
  • Leadership and Team Coaching.
  • Mindfulness and Personal Mastery.
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Greg Orme
  • Award winning, and highly acclaimed bestselling author: The Human Edge, how curiosity and creativity are your superpowers in the digital economy (Pearson, 2019) & The Spark, how to ignite and lead business creativity (FT Publishing, 2014).
  • Leadership Educator, Facilitator and Speaker globally.
  • Expert in Future-Fit Leadership, Leading for The Human Edge and Landing your Leadership Message Online and Face -To-Face.
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Tony Montes
  • Recognised expert in Diversity & Inclusion.
  • Executive and Leadership Coach globally (including the Middle East).
  • Highly accomplished executive with academic credibility.
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Didier Marlier
  • Expert in developing emerging and experienced executives.
  • Executive and Leadership Coach globally.
  • A regular commentator, writer and speaker with academic pedigree (NEOMA Paris).
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Jean Vanhoegaerden
  • A Professor and Coach in Leadership & Executive Development.
  • Associated with Hult, London Business School among others globally.
  • Deeply Passionate about participant and client impact.
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Ayin Jambulingam
  • Recognised Executive Coach and Leadership Facilitator.
  • Associated with IMD (Switzerland) among others.
  • Strongly focused on systemic changes for both individuals and organisations.
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Nick McRoberts
  • Professional Conductor, Facilitator in Critical Thinking.
  • Highly accomplished executive with academic credibility (NEOMA, Paris).
  • Focussed on taking participants from good to great.
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Saheeda Rahman
  • Accredited and recognised Executive Coach.
  • Delivered Executive Development Programmes globally including the GCC.
  • Passionate about supporting individuals to achieve their goals.
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John Wills
  • CEO of Essentic.
  • Highly accomplished Coach and Leadership Facilitator.
  • Essentic unleash potential by giving people the evidence and confidence to leverage their strengths.
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Jonathan Knight
  • CEO of Ososim.
  • An established expert in Learning & Development and Strategy.
  • Ososim are a leaders in bringing learning to life through digital experiences and simulations.
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Pieter Geldenhuys
  • Internationally renowned futurist and expert in the field of Innovation and Technology.
  • Founder and Director of the Institute for Technology Strategy and Innovation, South Africa.
  • Passion for simplifying new and emerging technologies and their practical application.
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John Moore
  • Leadership Derailers
  • Change Management
  • Managing Upward
  • Leading in a crisis
  • Building Values in organisation
  • Experienced Leadership assessor and Executive Coach in the Middle East and Asia
  • Associated with London Business School
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