ExecEdHub is a new and unique platform where leading independent Faculty, Educators, Facilitators and Coaches collaborate to co-create insightful learning journeys.

As such, we are able to take a fresh human centred-approach to convert management and development challenges into high impact corporate learning opportunities.

Decades of collective experience working with prestigious academic institutions and leading organisations give us the edge to:

  1. Deeply understand all aspects of Executive Development.
  2. Craft exciting Transformation and Development journeys based on what the participants need not who we employ.
  3. Collaborate with open-minded expert(s) globally, and the best business schools like the London Business School to co-design and deliver maximum learning impact.

We simply don't think like the rest... learning is our passion

The challenge we set ourselves is inspired by two provocative thoughts:-

Is our design clean and uncluttered?
“simplicity is the ultimate sophistication” (Leonardo Da Vinci, later made famous by Steve Jobs), and

Are we challenging enough?
the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, hoping for a different result” (Albert Einstein).

Let us stop talking... and take action

To have a meaningful impact beyond the training room, we have to stop theorising and take action.

Our programmes build learning organisations, distribute leadership, and change for the better what is in the participant's sphere of influence

Renegotiate the learning contract

The role of leadership is to create the conditions where employees and colleagues come and do their best work.

To serve this ambition, it is imperative we challenge traditional learning dogma that has served us so far.

Apply lessons learnt from research

Evidence shows that corporate development must evolve to be effective across the organisation.

We have incorporated learning and good practice from many highly respected/reputed institutions into our programmes to increase learning and your investment impact.

We work with you to unlock value through learning

Given we know the regions we serve intimately, we are well placed to partner with you to co-create adaptable action-oriented learning and development journeys for your whole organisation.

The phases outlined below are designed for us to get to deeply understand your organisations challenges and opportunities, so we can plan for success together.


Have an open and honest dialogue to build a long-term relationship based on trust, and get a pulse of your organisation


Why? Who?

What? How?

When? Where?


Pull all the various pieces together to help design the best learning journey for you, and your organisation.


Understand your culture, system etc.

How things are done ‘here’.

Define success factors and metrics?


As an extended member of your team, we project manage and choreograph all the pieces to near-perfection.


Deliver an impactful learning journey with personalised 1:1 and 1:group coaching.

Knit the journey into the the Individual Development Plans.

Every member of our community delivers programmes with globally recognised learning institutions. That experience together with our passion to have a meaningful difference beyond the classroom sets us apart from the pack.

Uncluttered Programme Design & Delivery

  • Co-creation of clean high-impact learning journeys with a clear end in mind.
  • High quality delivery supported by logistics management seamlessly.
  • Source, manage and coordinate all educators, coaches, experiential learning partners, etc.

Personalised Coaching for Impact

  • Co-create a unique high-impact personalised coaching-led leadership journey.
  • Identify, engage and manage professionally accredited coaches and align with agreed learning objectives.
  • Identify and license the most appropriate tools and/or on-line questionnaires. We can also work with tools that you have already invested in.

We have access to breadth of independent  world-class facilitators who are not only renowned in their field, but also phenomenal educators. Furthermore, our Coaches obsess about ensuring we have sustainable learning impact, beyond the training room.

3 most common challenges addressed

Based on conversations, observations & research (incl. FT, WEF, etc)

Increasing Leadership Capacity

... many organisations have invested large budgets on developing their very senior leaders. The big question is, "How do we continue to build leadership to deal with increased uncertainty?"

Re-igniting Employee Engagement

... the pandemic has disrupted every organisation on the planet, the big question we need to answer is, "How do we come out of this is situation and re-engage our teams for the new reality?"

Embracing Digital Transformation

... Digital Transformation Programmes do not fail because of the technology, but the organisational culture. The big question therefore is, "How can we take all our employees on this transformation journey?"

Let's Chat

... about making a difference beyond the training room, together.