Our Principles

We are driven to 'have a meaningful impact beyond the training room' through our 3 founding principles:


Learning starts with humility… humility to learn from participants, peers, partners, coaches, facilitators and our competitors.

Leaving our ego at the door allows us to create meaningful personal development journeys by collaborating with exciting educators and experiential learning partners globally.


High quality education must not be a privilege for the few who ‘have’ or are ‘at the top’ of the hierarchy.

To truly have an impact in any organisation beyond the classroom we believe that democratising education by socialising learning efficiently is critical.


Talent development must shift its focus from knowledge/content to wisdom (through application) supported by personalised coaching conversations.

ExecEdHub puts the human being back into the centre of learning at a time where content (knowledge) has been devalued and commoditised by online platforms.

Rebalancing global inequity

Global inequity (incl. race, gender, education, wealth, privilege etc.), finally came out of the shadows in 2020.
As a youth activist, lifelong learner and educator, I could not remain inactive and complicit anymore. Inspired by the powerful words of my hero Nelson ‘Madiba’ Mandela, “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world,” founded execedhub.com as a movement to tackle what was in my sphere of influence.

To that end, as a socially conscious apolitical education and development business we shall actively play our part in tackling inequity. We shall invest at least 4% of our profits in developing communities that cannot gain access to world-class learning and education; including distributing technology, providing Wi-Fi, access to learning, etc. We  will obviously inform you of the impact we are having together in rebalancing inequity  – and ‘have a meaningful impact beyond the training room’.

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